Asked Questions !

PPF will protect your car’s paint from damage and will help you keep your car in pristine condition. Vehicles with no protection often lose value if they have been resprayed. PPF can prevent stone chips and costly resprays.

Caring for your Nanolink PPF is easy.

To keep the car looking new and easier to clean, we recommend using a Ph neutral shampoo for washing your vehicle, as well as a non abrasive spray wax twice a year.

Always make sure tree sap or bird dropping are removed as soon as spotted.

Always follow the care guidelines given by your installer.

Installing paint protection film to a good standard requires significant  skills. Always choose a trusted shop do install film onto your vehicle.

PPF is designed to bond to painted surfaces only. If the target surface is ceramic coated, you first need to remove the ceramic coating.

Vinyl wrapping can bring out a great cosmetic change to your vehicle. On the other hand, PPF adds a thicker protection layer and self-healing ability in addition to the cosmetic change.

Colored PPF from Nanolink (The Paint Job & Prismatic PPF) also have a significantly longer service life than any vinyl. Making it a better investment.

Yes, it is a good idea to protect your vinyl with PPF over it. This will add self-healing abilities, protect your vinyl and protect your paint from road hazards.

Light surface scratches and swirls will disappear when heat (90C – 100C) is applied to the film.