Warranty Terms

Warranty Eligibility

Nanolink Global warrants the original purchaser that our paint protection films will be free from manufacturing defects upon shipment, and for the periods defined in this document, when used in accordance with our instructions under normal conditions. Terms and conditions of our warranty are applicable.

The warranty will be valid after online registration on our website within 30 days of your purchase. The warranty starts on the day of your purchase (a signed dealer invoice must be produced).

Warranty Period

Nanolink Global warrants its films to be free of manufacturing defects for the periods stated below.

ECLIPSE - 10 years
SATIN - 10 years
REVIVE - 7 years
THE PAINT JOB - 10 years
CARBON - 10 years
GLOW - 2 years

What is Covered?

Nanolink PPF is warranted against yellowing, cracking, bubbling, blistering or delamination of the product.

Nanolink Global will provide a full replacement of film only under this warranty. If the film is discontinued, Nanolink Global will replace with a similar product free of charge.

To claim the warranty, you must provide Nanolink Global with the Warranty Certificate and a copy of the original receipt or invoice. You must also make available pictures/videos of the defect and a description of the defect.

The warranty is not transferable and becomes void if the vehicle is sold or processed for resale.

What is Not Covered?

The blemishes of the installed film are not taken into account in this warranty. Only the Nanolink film installer is responsible for this aspect of the product once installed. If, before installation, the professional notes a visual defect in the film or adhesive, please seek advice from your distributor.

The installation by an unauthorized shop (who did not purchase from a Nanolink distributor) or a private individual is excluded from this warranty.

A failure in the film caused by misuse, debris, accident or not following the care instructions given in this document.

Defects caused due to normal wear and tear.

Failure due to improper handling or storage of the film.

Where the film is not used in the intended way, for instance, application to an unclearcoated surface or non-automotive application.


Climatic effect: a slight change or degradation of materials is an unavoidable phenomenon. This may include a progressive modification of the transparency and brightness, as well as a slight peeling off at the edges and around the rivets. These are normal phenomenon which do not fall within the scope of this warranty.

Self healing: the self-healing properties will diminish over time, due to wear and tear

Storage Conditions

The ideal storage conditions enable the PPF to retain its’ maximum performance. Nanolink PPF should be stored in a vertical position at a temperature of 20°C (± 2°C) with 50% RH (± 5%). The user assumes all risk and liability for the loss of performance when the film is stored improperly.