Distribution of Nanolink

Wize Brothers Distribution USA LLC -Global Distributors for Nanolink PPF & Window Films

The Nanolink factory was established in 2015 on the back of decades of experience in developing PET films, inorganic nano materials and coating technologies. With extensive investments in Research and Development, and bringing together industry leaders from around the World, today Nanolink stands out as a major player in the automotive films manufacturing.

Being the global distribution partners of the Nanolink brand, Wize Brothers Distribution USA LLC have partnered with Nanolink to develop a unique, premium range of PPF and Window Films that we are promoting globally. You can read more about the technologies we have developed here .

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The Nanolink Network

Products exported to 25+ countries and regions

Today our USA headquartered distribution of Nanolink PPF and Window Films distributes films to over 25 countries and regions around the World, including several US states.

Our colored PPF technology is the most advanced in the World, eliminating the risk of delamination and fading that are common with other brands.

50+ PPF Variants

Glossy, Satin and Color options

HRA Technology

Highly Repositionable Adhesive


Up to 400%


Up to 10 years

Nanolink USA

Nanolink - Going from Strength to Strength

Today Nanolink factories are powered by the most advanced PPF production equipment available in the US. Our production process are overseen by highly experienced people, a team we have hired from around the World. Nanolink invests in materials research with some of the World's top TPU resin manufacturers and universities.

Setting such foundation for our future has enabled us to play a major role in defining the future of automotive protection. We are excited to be announcing more than 20 new colors of PPF for 2023 and also Carbon PPF and Windshield PPF.


Thousand Square Meter Production Capacity/month


Staff Members

100 +

Automotive Protection Products


Distribution in Countires