Today I will give you a detailed insight into the product development collaboration between Wize Brothers USA and the Nanolink factory, that has helped us develop the MOST ADVANCED PPF IN THE WORLD.

October 2022, an MOU was signed between the two organizations to jointly develop an exclusive product range of PPF and window films. We were to develop 2 models of gloss PPF, Satin PPF, Windshield PPF, Carbon PPF and 60 unique colors of colored PPF as part of this agreement.

The work started by first developing the unique top coat DURACOAT. As the name suggests, this top coat has an extended service life compared to traditional PPF top coats used by our competitors. Self-healing, stain resistance, gloss retention, elongation and hydrophobic properties were all improved. This process took us 6 months.

After this milestone was achieved, we started working on the TPU layer and the adhesive layer in parallel. The industry standard approach is to increase the thickness in order to increase the impact resistance of PPF. We wanted to explore more than this. Extensive R&D lead to the development of our second unique technology, TET (Triple Extrusion Technology). This involves extruding the TPU particles into a block instead of a film twice, and breaking the TPU block down to particle again each time. The third time we extrude into a film. While this adds a significant production cost, it gives a TPU film that has a higher impact resistance and a better tensile strength.

So what’s important for the adhesive layer, we asked ourselves. To the installers in our team, it was repositioning i.e. ability to lift and place the film again without seeing those stretch marks and lift lines instantly. The purpose of our research was to extend the time the film allows you, to be able to remove that lint without sacrificing the installation quality.

By mixing low tacking adhesive agents to the glue in optimal quantity, we were able to extend the lifting time. This gave our adhesive a very friendly low-mid initial tack. Washing out the slip solution with distilled water instantly gives a higher tack. The low tacking agents cure over a longer period of time, making sure the film can be lifted for longer.

Our biggest challenge was still waiting us. We wanted to create the most durable color PPF in the World, avoiding the possibility of delamination, being able to give a 10 years warranty and ability to stretch to 300% without distortion. This subject requires a full blog post of its own.

Stay tuned for our other blogs where we will explain about colored PPF development and other products including Window Films.