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50+ Variants

Glossy, Satin and Color options

HRA Technology

Highly Repositionable Adhesive


Up to 400%


Up to 10 years

Nanolink PPF

Nanolink PPF - the most advanced PPF in the World

HRA ™ Technology - Highly Repositionable Adhesive technology that leaves no stretch marks or lift lines, for a clean install every time

Color stable TPU resin - Nanolink PPF are the only manufacturer to use color stable ceramic pigments in its' TPU resin manufacturing, hence eliminating the delamination risk faced by all our competitors

Toughness - Our unique Triple Extrusion Technology helps to create a film that absorbs impact better, to protect the paint from damage

No Orange Peel - So you can appreciate the factory finish of your vehicle

10 Years Warranty - For the ultimate peace of mind

flexishield cosmetic ppf

Our philosopy

Linking Protection To The Future

Nanolink PPF has made huge investments in research with the top TPU resin manufacturers and World’s best research universities. Our advanced TPU Masterbatch is engineered to last long, resist discoloration and prevent environmental degradation.

Today our advanced manufacturing process has helped us to step up the protection game, setting Nanolink PPF apart as the most high-tech manufacturer in the World.

In our efforts to set the direction for the future product development, we have big news coming in 2024, being the first manufacturer to offer a more durable material than the Polycaprolactone (PCL) currently used as the TPU resin choice.

Products at a glance

Our Brilliance, Your Peace of Mind

With the Nanolink PPF product range we pushed the limits of what is achievable.

Our core product range includes glossy, satin, colored, headlight, windscreen, sunroof and carbon fiber PPF options.

Pick a product below to learn more.


Premium gloss PPF made at the most advanced PPF line in the World


Replicates factory matte paint with a classic satin sheen

The Paint Job PPF

Amazing color depth with zero orange peel for the real paint feel

Prismatic Color PPF

Specialized PPF with color shift technology

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