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You get to play with some of the most popular PPF of 2024. Whether it’s Mike Norng’s recommended The Paint Job PPF, or the super slick protection of Nanolink Eclipse, this pack will accelerate your journey of becoming a Nanolink dealer.

Pack contains:
1pc 60″ x 2M of Nanolink Eclipse Gloss PPF
1pc 60″ x 1M of The Paint Job Color PPF
1pc 60″ x 1M of Prismatic Color Shift PPF
1pc 60″ x 1M of Satin PPF
5pcs 4″ x 4″ Nanolink 8way fold out brochure
1pcs Nanolink 4″ Squeegues
2pcs Nanolink Keychains

PPF Sample Pack

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